Sustainable Waste Solution: The Impact of the Bio-Thermic Digester at AIMS

AIMS Waste Management Facility, located in Al Jurf, Ajman, is a leading waste management facility in the region. With a commitment to sustainable practices, they handle an enormous volume of organic waste primarily comprising fruits and vegetables, from various sources.

AIMS Waste Management Facility faced a significant challenge in efficiently managing organic waste. Traditional waste management methods were insufficient, leading to space constraints and environmental concerns. They needed a sustainable solution to reduce waste volume, minimize environmental impact, and potentially repurpose the digestate.

Azure & Green Environmental Ltd, a renowned provider of innovative waste management solutions, introduced Bio Thermic Digester (BTD) to address AIMS’ challenges. The Bio Thermic Digester, designed to handle organic solid waste, was deployed on-site for a trial run. Eng. Yasser of Ajman Municipality facilitated the collaboration, ensuring regulatory compliance and smooth implementation.

The BTD’s operation involved several key steps:

  • Collection of organic wastes
  • Loading the waste into the BTD chambers.
  • Addition of bacteria to facilitate the digestion process.
  • Extraction of digestate from the outlet chute.

This yielded promising results, demonstrating the effectiveness of BTD:

  • Quantity Processed: A total of 1,260 kg of organic waste was added to the BTD 
  • Volume Reduction: The BTD achieved an impressive reduction rate, with the output from the chute measuring approximately 2 kg, representing a reduction of over 99% in waste volume.
  • Energy Efficiency: Despite its high processing capacity, the BTD consumed only 3 kW of power, showcasing its energy-efficient operation.
  • Type of Digestate: The resulting digestate proved to be a valuable soil conditioner, containing essential nutrients (NPK) beneficial for agricultural use.

The successful implementation of Azure & Green’s Bio Thermic Digester at AIMS Waste Management Facility marks a significant milestone in sustainable waste management practices. By effectively reducing organic waste volume, minimizing environmental impact, and repurposing digestate as a soil conditioner, the project exemplifies the potential of innovative solutions in addressing pressing environmental challenges.

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