Experience the freedom of a fresh and pleasant environment while reducing the impact of unwanted odours.

Odour control has become a necessity for various industries. ANG has tied up with world leaders in odour control to bring out the following solutions to combat bad odour, in any type of industry. With this tie-up, we offer you ECO-SOL, which is a natural, safe and eco-friendly odour eliminator. 

ECO-SOL can be effectively used in the following ways:-

  • Vaporization
    Dry mist distributed without added water
  • Atomization
    Mixed with water and sprayed by nozzles or fans
  • Additives
    Infused directly into the product with no effect on quality.
  • Maintenance Hole Gel
    Placed inside manholes to “scrub” escaping air of odours
  • Spray Gel
    Applied on top of open solutions to keep odours from escaping

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Ecosol Odour Neutralizers

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