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The ANG Bio Digester (BID) / Bio Thermic Digester (BTD) finds its ideal applications across a diverse range of industries and establishments, offering sustainable waste management solutions.


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Medium and Large Size STP

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Models Available and Specifications

The ANG Bio Digester (BID) / Bio Thermic Digester (BTD) offers various models with different capacities to cater to different waste management needs.

Model Capacity (kgs per day)
BD 200 200
BD 400 400
BD 500 500
BD 1000 1000

Gear box

SS 304 housing and shaft

EATON Components

In-Built odor control system

Equipment Specifications

The ANG Bio Digester (BID) / Bio Thermic Digester (BTD) is equipped with high-quality equipment and components, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

Outline of the Plant:

The control panel automatically controls the process and the dosing “recipes” contained within the control panel can be adjusted according to the type of organic waste that has to be processed. The unit has a series of pre-set “recipes” which also have modified parameters, which enable finer adjustments to be made, to the process requirements at any point during the processing of the waste.

Normally, when the required temperature is reached in the nucleus (centre of chamber 1) the PT100 thermostat (contained within chamber 1) then aids the control of the on/off time of the heat mats.

The forward time, wait time and reverse time as well as shaft rotation speed and the dose addition of the nutrient/ biostimulant, are all controlled via the control panel. During the forward and reverse cycle, the biomass is turned over and mixed, which ensures the heat is evenly distributed throughout the unit. On the reverse cycle, the fully processed digestate is ejected via a discharge chute into a skip or similar.

Depending on the size and capacity of the plant, you can have from 3 to a maximum of 5 processing chambers.

Layout of Plant

BID plant consists of:

  1. Control Panel
  2. Dosing Pump
  3. Stimulant Tank
  4. Motor Gearbox
  5. Air Extraction System
  6. Chamber 1
  7. Chamber 2
  8. Rotating Shaft
  9. Outfeed from BID

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